MG Group Expanding Hospitality Marketplace with Radiant1

MG Group today announced a new partnership with Radiant 1, fast-growing AI-Based revenue management, channel management, and predictive analytics for hotels.

MG and Radiant 1 will immediately launch integration to the MG B2B Marketplace via Radiant1’s channel management solution. Radiant1’s full portfolio of hotel customers will immediately benefit by distributing their content to more than 8000 B2B Travel Buyers.

Brett Henry, President Director of MG Group said,
“ We are really excited about partnering with Radiant 1, one of the hottest hospitality tech start-ups in Southeast Asia. There is a lot of talk about big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence but Radiant 1 is one of a few delivering real solutions that hotels of all sizes can easily take on immediately leverage to improve revenue and yield performance. It’s clear AI, ML, and Analytics will play a big role in the future of hospitality and MG is proud to add Radiant 1 as a strategic partner. Their vision is closely aligned with MG’s mission is to innovate and develop the best products and services that create a great impact on customers’ success.”

Apichai Sakulsureeyadej, CEO of RADIANT 1 said,
“Partnering with MG Group allows us to increase the distribution channels for our customers. Our transformative digital products and platform solutions for the hospitality industry are now fully integrated into MG Group’s wide base of hotel room distribution networks across the world. Radiant 1 & MG Group, working as one team, will unlock the full potential of hotel room distribution and place our clients on the best path for success. We at Radiant 1 are excited to provide cutting-edge technology to our customers to help optimize revenue and profits for our hotel customers. We understand that businesses have to be more dynamic, data-driven, than ever before. This is where Radiant 1’s AI-Machine Learning systems are here
to help.”

MG Group is Building the Future of B2B Hospitality. We do this by leveraging technology platforms to provide distribution and marketing services that drive sustainable, profitable growth for our hotels, corporations, and travel sellers. We are technology-focused, but customer driven.


We have thousands of direct hotels contracts across SE Asia and hundreds of thousands of global hotels via partners all dynamically distributed to our global B2B seller network using the industry’s first microservices-based platform, MG Jarvis. Our B2B Marketing Platform provides tools to accurately target B2B buyers at every stage of the buying process.

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Radiant 1 is by experts in the hotel operations and technology industries. As operators of hotels, we saw the pain of declining yields of hotels in Southeast Asia, as well as how hotels were using out-of-date methods in selling their rooms online. We challenged how things were done and innovated artificial intelligence to assist with how room rates are being set. Our artificial intelligence-based systems have assisted all types of properties to optimize their revenues whilst keeping an eye on their bottom line. Our customers include island hotels, hostels, short stay apartments, vacation rentals, and hotels of all sizes.

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